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Creating Flash videos has never been so easy. Flash Vídeo MX Pro offers us an step by step method that guides us when converting avi or mpg videos to .swf, as well as applying effects and uploading them to our website.

Yes, that task that seemed to be so difficult is now very easy. Now you can upload a flash video to your website and make your website more attractive for your visitors. Flash Video MX Pro makes it to be a children's game.

The first step is to choose the video we want to play on our website, then we can choose the fragment of the video and the quality. Afterwards, we'll choose the time barand buttons as well as the loading animation. Make use of the templates and styles included and customize them to make them suit the style of your website.

If you are thinking about ofering videos on your website, Flash Video MX Pro will be really helpful. You choose the video, Flash Video MX Pro will do the rest and will offer you the flash video or even the html file ready to be uploaded.
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